1. Starting an Exercise Program

    When you start an exercise program it’s important to create a foundation for your future success. It’s very easy to sit and think that you are going to start working out and get in great shape, but when you get down to it, there are going to be many challenges you have to face once you get into …Read More

  2. Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

    Creating a healthy lifestyle is about consistently incorporating exercise and eating healthy into your daily life. I believe that this can be one of the best ways to start improving your life. Being healthy and feeling good can be a major factor in helping you get the most out of life. Our health is…Read More

  3. Free Tips you can incorporate into your life

    Here are some Free Tips you can incorporate into your life right now that can help you begin your new active healthy lifestyle. Set Goals: Think about your goals and write them down. This gives you something to strive for, and something to refer back to if you get off track. Your goals are your foun…Read More

  4. By John Peed

    Chris is an incredible trainer. His passion, knowledge, and commitment to my success have been instrumental to helping me to reach my goals. He is well educated in strength training, cardio, diet, stretching, weight loss, and many other areas of physical fitness. His ability to help keep me motivate…Read More

  5. By Jan Mercer

    My brother is the one who first introduced me to Chris over three years ago. My brother experienced a high degree of success with Chris’ diet plan and he believed I could benefit as well. Little did I know at the time that the introduction would change my life so dramatically! I desperately needed…Read More

  6. By Claire Uwins

    Chris is an inspirational trainer. I am a nutritionalist living in London and Ireland so have come across many great fitness experts but Chris's skill of getting inside your head and motivating you to work out in the best possible way for your body is a rare gift. I only get to spend a few weeks a y…Read More

  7. By Lou Yecies

    Physical activity has been an integral part of my life since I was a teenager. Over the years, I am now 65, I have trained in organized and personal activities, which I have done for enjoyment, general physical and mental fitness as well as in competition. There have been numerous coaches, trainers …Read More

  8. By Gary Johnson

    Chris changed my life! This is my story. I had no muscle and could barely run to first base not to mention the laundry list of health problems I had gone through. I was constantly getting sick ranging from the flu to cellulites. I also had constant migraine headaches on a daily basis and had no ener…Read More