1. Change Your Brain and Change Your Life

    Here's a great Ted video about taking care of your brain and how it will change your life by Daniel Amen. He gives great advise and tips on what's good and bad for your brain!  Check it out!  …Read More

  2. Schedule It

    I was having a conversation with one of my personal training clients in Santa Monica about why people fail and what’s the best way to be successful and he gave me some great advise, “Tell You Clients to Schedule Their Training Sessions”! I’ve been training for over 10 years and I’ve seen m…Read More

  3. 32 Day Health Challenge

    I created a 32 day health challenge to help people lay the foundation to create a healthy lifestyle. It's run through Facebook so you must have an account.It's open to everyone! Sign up here...https://www.facebook.com/groups/298544333528808/ Chris Chouteau Personal Trainer in Santa Monica www.custom…Read More

  4. 4 Tips for a Healthy Life

    What choices can you make that will help you get more value out of your life? This is something I often think about when I’m working with my clients. My personal goal when I train my clients is to help them add value to their lives by living healthy! It will also add value to yours. (more……Read More