1. 54 Years Old and Awesome

    Get ready to be inspired! Check out our Facebook Live Interview with Pam! She lost 24 pounds but most importantly she created a healthy lifestyle and loves it!   https://youtu.be/g6EBvqYSiyA Here’s a blog entry we wrote on Pam Back http://www.custombodybootcamp.com/motivation/member-spotlight…Read More

  2. Do You Have The Courage To Step Outside Your Box?

    I want to help you create some awareness about human nature and yourself, so you have an understanding of what it takes to create change and be successful reaching your goals! Whenever you decide you want to create a change in your life there will be challenges, because you’re stepping out of your…Read More

  3. Are You Accepting Where You Are At?

    Here’s my second Video. I talk here about accepting where you are at and it’s importance to creating changes in your life. Many times in my career I’ve seen people who want to make changes in their lives, but are not honest with themselves with their current situation. Accepting where you are …Read More