1. An Amazing Story of a Sisters Unconditional Love

    The story I am about to tell you made me a little emotional last night when I saw two members, who are sisters working out together. Dreams do come true! I am so excited to share how Rosaisela’s love for herself and sister lead her to take action to lose weight and inspire her sister to do the sam…Read More

  2. Nelly- marathoner- lost 15lbs

    Member Spotlight: Nelly Gets Her Marathon Motivation

    Meet Nelly Name: Nelly Age: 28 yrs Races Run: 9 full marathons, 24 1/2 marathons, several 10ks  Weight lost to date: 15lbs Member of Custom Body Bootcamp:  1 year  8 months Superpower: Miler Annihilator What was your personal turning point when you decided you wanted to make a healthy chang…Read More

  3. Coconut Oil- Healthy or Unhealthy

    There’s been lots of controversy in the last couple years to whether Coconut Oil is Healthy or Unhealthy! Coconut oil consists of 90% saturated fat and research has shown that the fatty acid chains of Coconut oil are shorter than the saturated fats from meats. The shorter chains in coconut oil hav…Read More

  4. Why You Should Eat Breakfast

    A healthy breakfast is the best way to start your day and a great habit to get yourself into! Here is a list of some of the benefits Provides the body nourishment to start the day · More energy to perform daily tasks · Help control weight · Kick starts the metabolism · Improves bad cholesterol …Read More

  5. Clean Out Your Body

    I started off this year at one of my heaviest weights I've ever been at 202 pounds. I had gotten married in September and found myself in celebration mode through the Holidays. As a consequence I gained 14 pounds. I set my goal to get extremely healthy and  lose 20 to 30 pounds and get back in to b…Read More

  6. Self Awareness For The New Year

    A new year has started and it’s always exciting for a fresh start. The thought of setting a goal (New Year resolution) and creating something new in your life! The general rule of thumb is most people start their resolutions highly motivated and ready to achieve their goal. They start off working …Read More

  7. 32 Day Health Challenge

    I created a 32 day health challenge to help people lay the foundation to create a healthy lifestyle. It's run through Facebook so you must have an account.It's open to everyone! Sign up here...https://www.facebook.com/groups/298544333528808/ Chris Chouteau Personal Trainer in Santa Monica www.custom…Read More

  8. Dam Holiday Weekends

    I just weighed myself and found I’m up 7 ½ pounds from the 4th of July week. The reason is because I made poor eating and drinking choices. I must now correct those choices; I will be eating extra healthy and cutting back on calories till I get back to where I like to be. In my lifestyle I usuall…Read More

  9. I Found The Fountain of Youth

    One of the things I’ve seen as a personal trainer is how exercise and eating healthy changes people. I’ve seen the change when people consistently start to exercise and eat healthy. It’s a positive change and is the reason why I feel exercise is so important to incorporate into people’s live…Read More