This blog post begins our Custom Body Bootcamp Member Spotlight.

Everyone has a story  and none more profound when that story can be told to inspire others. Our mission at Custom Body Bootcamp is to empower the local residents of Inglewood and the surrounding Areas to create happier and healthier lives through exercise and nutrition in an environment that is fun, supportive, safe and taught by caring professional trainers. We are witness to some of the most courageous and motivated people in our neighborhood  that have heeded the call to a healthier life through weightloss in an effort to be their for friends, family and community. This requires commitment and simply having the courage to show up every day and do the work.

Weightloss is not magic and it is not found in a pill or a shake.

It is achieved through dedication and hard work plain and simple.  We want to honor and give voice to our Members that show up every day and do the work. If they can do it, you can too!

Meet Carleen

Name: Carleen

Age: 38 yrs

Weight lost to date: 75lbs

Member of Custom Body Bootcamp: 1 yr 6 months

Superpower: Practice What You Preach

member weightloss success story: Carleenmember weightloss success story: Carleen

What was your personal turning point when you decided you wanted to make a healthy change in your life?

When my doctor told me I was obese and I started to have minor health issues like high blood pressure. Plus I was not able to do any type of physical activity without been short of breath. I found it hard to reconcile that as a nurse I was advising my patients about eating healthy and exercising. I told them if they do not want to have health issues they needed to be more mindful of their eating and add exercise to their days. But I was not even taking my own advice so how could they listen and take me seriously. I decided over a year and half ago that I had to make a big change. So now I am their living example with a real story and real photos to inspire them to make that life change before it is too late.

What has been your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge is eating portion size and not having an entire cheat day or just a cheat meal.

member weightloss success story: Carleen member weightloss success story: Carleen

What was/is your goal for your health and life?

My goal is to be as healthy as I can be and continue to inspire other women like myself. I am not trying to be skinny just trying to be healthy and reaching a goal weight of 150lbs. I want to build more muscle and get toned.

What is your motivation mantra that gets your to workout?

My mantra is knowing that  every time I go to workout I am a day closer to my goal.

I have accomplished a lot from where I was some years ago. My motivation is my results and progress that keep me pushing everyday to want to be better than I was the day before.

member weightloss success story: Carleen
OverAchiever Award Winner for 10 Laps

What would you say to someone who is thinking of joining Custom Body Bootcamp?

I would tell them just start! The hardest part is to start. When you join Custom Body Bootcamp you are not just a member you become family. Every member is very supportive and always willing to help especially the trainers. The atmosphere is very comfortable and we are always having fun when working out. Most of all there is no competition you go at your own pace.


Member, do you have a story to tell? Email us to nominate yourself or another member to appear in our Blog series.