1. Nelly- marathoner- lost 15lbs

    Member Spotlight: Nelly Gets Her Marathon Motivation

    Meet Nelly Name: Nelly Age: 28 yrs Races Run: 9 full marathons, 24 1/2 marathons, several 10ks  Weight lost to date: 15lbs Member of Custom Body Bootcamp:  1 year  8 months Superpower: Miler Annihilator What was your personal turning point when you decided you wanted to make a healthy chang…Read More

  2. Member Carleen

    Member Spotlight: Carleen’s 75 lbs weightloss to health journey

    This blog post begins our Custom Body Bootcamp Member Spotlight. Everyone has a story  and none more profound when that story can be told to inspire others. Our mission at Custom Body Bootcamp is to empower the local residents of Inglewood and the surrounding Areas to create happier and healthier …Read More

  3. Self Awareness For The New Year

    A new year has started and it’s always exciting for a fresh start. The thought of setting a goal (New Year resolution) and creating something new in your life! The general rule of thumb is most people start their resolutions highly motivated and ready to achieve their goal. They start off working …Read More

  4. You Have The Choice To Change Your Life

    What if I told you that the reason you are not achieving the things you want in life is because you don’t really want to achieve them? As a personal trainer my goal is to help my clients improve their lives by making choices to create a healthy lifestyle. I learned in my own life as well as traini…Read More

  5. Thinking Long Term is the First Step to Reaching Your Goal

    My personal goal is to help clients create long-term results! One of the biggest challenges I face as a personal trainer is teaching my clients to think long term and not expect immediate results. This doesn’t mean that they won’t see result in the short term, but helps them to create the mindse…Read More

  6. Do You Have The Courage To Step Outside Your Box?

    I want to help you create some awareness about human nature and yourself, so you have an understanding of what it takes to create change and be successful reaching your goals! Whenever you decide you want to create a change in your life there will be challenges, because you’re stepping out of your…Read More

  7. Give your body the opportunity!

    Your body is amazing! What it is capable of and what it can do is absolutely incredible! When you are exercising… slow down and allow your body to figure out how to effectively do the exercise. When you do an exercise for the first time, start slow and allow your body to feel the muscle (s) being …Read More

  8. By Gary Johnson

    Chris changed my life! This is my story. I had no muscle and could barely run to first base not to mention the laundry list of health problems I had gone through. I was constantly getting sick ranging from the flu to cellulites. I also had constant migraine headaches on a daily basis and had no ener…Read More