1. Do You Have The Courage To Step Outside Your Box?

    I want to help you create some awareness about human nature and yourself, so you have an understanding of what it takes to create change and be successful reaching your goals! Whenever you decide you want to create a change in your life there will be challenges, because you’re stepping out of your…Read More

  2. Give your body the opportunity!

    Your body is amazing! What it is capable of and what it can do is absolutely incredible! When you are exercising… slow down and allow your body to figure out how to effectively do the exercise. When you do an exercise for the first time, start slow and allow your body to feel the muscle (s) being …Read More

  3. Life’s Free Pleasures “Success”

    Here is a 10-minute video about being successful and the evolving process to do so! The hardest part about being successful is starting out. I am using this video as an example. This is my first video. It wasn’t planned… I jumped in and got it done! I could have done it a few times and done a be…Read More

  4. By John Peed

    Chris is an incredible trainer. His passion, knowledge, and commitment to my success have been instrumental to helping me to reach my goals. He is well educated in strength training, cardio, diet, stretching, weight loss, and many other areas of physical fitness. His ability to help keep me motivate…Read More

  5. By Jan Mercer

    My brother is the one who first introduced me to Chris over three years ago. My brother experienced a high degree of success with Chris’ diet plan and he believed I could benefit as well. Little did I know at the time that the introduction would change my life so dramatically! I desperately needed…Read More