1. 54 Years Old and Awesome

    Get ready to be inspired! Check out our Facebook Live Interview with Pam! She lost 24 pounds but most importantly she created a healthy lifestyle and loves it!   https://youtu.be/g6EBvqYSiyA Here’s a blog entry we wrote on Pam Back http://www.custombodybootcamp.com/motivation/member-spotlight…Read More

  2. An Amazing Story of a Sisters Unconditional Love

    The story I am about to tell you made me a little emotional last night when I saw two members, who are sisters working out together. Dreams do come true! I am so excited to share how Rosaisela’s love for herself and sister lead her to take action to lose weight and inspire her sister to do the sam…Read More

  3. Working Out Hard is Not The Point

    A mistake that many people make which ultimately leads to their failure with following an exercise program is working out too hard! I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with working out hard but it’s important to understand your body, your physical limits, and your energy levels so you c…Read More

  4. Thinking Long Term is the First Step to Reaching Your Goal

    My personal goal is to help clients create long-term results! One of the biggest challenges I face as a personal trainer is teaching my clients to think long term and not expect immediate results. This doesn’t mean that they won’t see result in the short term, but helps them to create the mindse…Read More

  5. By John Peed

    Chris is an incredible trainer. His passion, knowledge, and commitment to my success have been instrumental to helping me to reach my goals. He is well educated in strength training, cardio, diet, stretching, weight loss, and many other areas of physical fitness. His ability to help keep me motivate…Read More